180° South

180° South

I just finished watching the documentary 180° South and it was absolutely exceptional. The mountains, ocean, voyage, surfing, and climbing were beautifully shot, but it’s the reflections of the people involved and the power of their connection to the land that really got me.

I enjoyed a strenuous, but beautiful 14.5 mile hike yesterday, and like I do on all hikes, got into some serious discussions with my trail companion about how I feel tethered to the land, but how so many people are disconnected. How do we expect people to take stewardship and develop respect for something they feel so far removed from?

We can’t all go to Patagonia, but we can find the wild places in our own backyard and share them with others. Get outside, my friends, and take people with you!

Watch the 180° South trailer here:

(photo at the top courtesy of the film’s website.)